Geyer, Andrea

Born 1971, Germany
Lives in New York


Parallax (Media), 2008

According to Geyer, "Parallax (Media)" investigates “notions of citizenship and national belonging, and their role in creating individual and governmental spaces of action.” The work comprises two series of six photographs, one of which is on view in the exhibition, each taken in 2003 in Los Angeles and New York, combined with text excerpts from news agencies.

Some of the photographs document the peripheries of protests against the war in Iraq and civil rights infringements; others are staged and follow a kind of universal protagonist through her everyday life, anchoring the work through the projection of this subjective view. In combination, the photographs and the texts in them point to the gap between the “objective knowledge” of official news reports and state politics on the one hand, and individual experience on the other.


Spiral Lands/Chapter 2, 2008
Monday, November 3
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery
Performance: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

In her 45-minute performative slide lecture, Geyer personifies the archetypical (male) scholar of anthropology, speaking from the immanently authoritative position of academia and drawing authority from citing a canon of academic authors. The subject matter of her speech is the construction of a false memory of Native American culture, through ethnographic research and, more generally, the process of acquiring knowledge and its intertwinement with power and oppression.

Geyer's talk is accompanied by slide projections of photographs taken by the artist at Chaco Canyon, an epicenter of cultural life in North America, pre-1300. "Spiral Lands/Chapter 2" is an unsettling consideration of the way in which science and the quest for knowledge oppresses the identity of their very subjects, and a concise critique of the aggressive racism naturalized by capitalist democracy.

Geyer, Parallax detail.JPG

Parallax (Media), detail 2008

Digital C-Prints

20” x 30” each, 6 altogether, Edition 1/5

Courtesy the artist

Geyer, Spiral Lands 2.jpg

Spiral Lands/Chapter 2 2008

Courtesy the artist