Lambert, Steve

Born 1976, USA
Lives in New York


This Web site acts as a scrapbook for public photos uploaded to Flickr and tagged “whytheyhateus.” The site’s call for contributors explains only: “The images on WhyTheyHate.Us fit a theme. If you don’t know what that theme is, please do not add images.” Viewers are thus left to draw conclusions about who “they” and “us” are, as they surf through thousands of images collectively documenting American patriotism, military bravado, homeland-centric rhetoric, naiveté, or blatant consumerism. This framing of the tagged photos raises the question of local culpability for the image we export to other nations and the extent to which Americans “buy into” this image.


Freedom: Do It Yourself
A public conversation between artists Sam Gould and Steven Lambert
Monday, July 20, 2009 – 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
The New School, 66 West 12th Street, Room 510
Admission: Free

A tricky word, Freedom is usually considered the lodestone of democracy. All too often this concept is found warped, mangled, and spun to benefit those utilizing it for control and usurpation of power for political and monetary gain.

Such is the opinion of artists Sam Gould and Steven Lambert, whose work aims to deconstruct abuses of the concept of Freedom. Using art as a hybrid of collective action, public demonstration, comedy, and the discussion of what America, and the world, could be—if only we were willing to ask questions and be willing to fail—Gould and Lambert's practice aims to dismantle and flatten perceived notions of power, history, and individual responsibility.

In this public discussion the pair highlight their projects (through groups such as Red76 and the Anti-Advertising Agency) which may often be found borrowing from other models—history, marketing, punk rock, indie rock, entertainment, and appropriation in the age of consumerism. The two also discuss artists and groups who utilize similar models of action and process, in turn mapping a strain of aesthetic practice that is in dialogue with the art world but also strives to adapt its language to engage the broadest audience possible.

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