I Approve This Message

Born 2008, USA


This participatory project was initiated by the organizers of the UnConvention, an umbrella for art projects and interventions happening in the region of the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Sidestepping efforts by authorities to keep voices of dissent or other visual distractions at bay during this quadrennial spectacle, and taking its title from the obligatory statement uttered by candidates at the end of campaign ads, “I Approve This Message” gives the public a chance to address delegates at both conventions. Touted as “a community-generated media response” giving people “a voice and an opportunity to promote thinking about what participating in democracy looks like,” the project revolves around a Web site in which users’ two-minute videos are posted to paint a collective picture of what this process means to them.

UnConvention, IApproveThisMessage.jpg

I Approve This Message 2008, ongoing

Walker Art Center, UpTake and UnConvention

I Approve This Message