Wooloo Productions

Born 2006, Denmark
Active in Berlin and Copenhagen


Rebranding Acts is, according to this artists’ collective, “an investigation into cultural identity in an age of global migration.” The initiative uses the online platform wooloo.org to invite artists from around the world to consider the ways in which “nationality” is manufactured in their home country, and to “rebrand” these concepts, from their own perspective. While the open call is predicated on the argument that such hegemonic nationalist constructions often exclude identities that don’t fit the mold, Rebranding Acts invites anyone to add their voice to the discussion by uploading videos of their own public interventions. The project draws on previous interventionist and participatory works by the collective’s founders in which the concept of national identity is revealed to be anything but black-and-white, and the resulting archive documents the myriad ways in which people around the world respond to this problematic notion.


Rebranding Acts 2006, ongoing

Rebranding Acts