Joseph DeLappe
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I Approve This Message
Institute for Infinitely Small Things
Steve Lambert
Les Liens Invisibles
Michael Mandiberg
Emery C. Martin
Carlos Motta
Wooloo Productions

An interesting paradox informs the online works of OURS. Network culture has given us new challenges to our civil liberties—illegal government surveillance, increased censorship, retrograde copyright enforcement, linguistic hegemony—and, at the same time, provided us with new tools for combating these challenges. The question of branding is a perfect point of entry for such an enterprise. What is branding if not a highly-mediated, visually-based form of communication whose rhetorical and psychological impacts are just as precisely calculated as the military’s psychological operations (PSYOPs)? The Internet makes the “source code” of these missives transparent and editable. Taking this DIY political aesthetic into their own hands, the Web-based works in OURS reflect on contemporary politics—whether it is the state of things in the U.S. or abroad.